Listen in to the uncensored voices of people in the know, who reveal all the inside stuff about UCD. Like how it’s not just about the end user, but the whole chain of participants. Like how you can’t just think about usersyou need to think about the business too. Like how payment models are as important as products. How prototyping can go digital. And why even funders need to be UCD practitioners.

So you think UCD is just about products

By: Joseph Githinji

Joseph Githinji, Senior Manager Customer Support at Sanergy, believes UCD is not only about products, but equally about the service model–a convenient payment system, for example.

UCD isn't just about what users want and need

By: Parmita Dalal

Parmita Dalal, Design Lead at, has a clear message. It’s all well and good to think about user desires, but we need the reality check of considering the business model and technical feasibility.

Digital prototypes: better user feedback, better products

By: Jakob Kisker and Jesse Lee Gray

Digital prototyping is easier (and cheaper) than you might think. And the improved quality of user feedback it brings can’t be ignored. Read about Jakob’s experience using digital prototyping to improve user experience while also improving the business model of vacuum tank collection.

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How real should a prototype feel?

By: Geoff Revell

Geoff Revell, Program Director at WaterSHED answers the question of exactly how lo-fi or hi-fi a prototype should be. And the answer the video.

With Elephant, Rider, Path, behaviour change isn't rocket science

By: Kory Russel, Ada Oko-Williams, and Lillian Diaz

With the Elephant, Rider and Path framework, behavior change is within reach. Read on to learn more about where this framework came from and how it’s making big waves in sanitation. 

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What does UCD have to do with funders? Everything

By: Paul Gunstensen

Paul Gunstensen, Director of WASH at Stone Family Foundation, tells us why funders need to take UCD seriously, and how understanding it better will get more out of their dollar.