Let’s not re-invent the wheel. There’s a shitload of resources from around the globe on UCD tools, frameworks, and case studies showing how UCD can lead to results. Check out a few tools here, shared by four global design experts at the event. One tool to design for the future, one to inspire more role play, one to gamify exploration, and one to test ideas early and fast. What do they have in common? They will keep you on your toes.

Speculative design

By: Ayush Chauhan from Quicksand

We’re always thinking about current problems and the most pressing user needs. However Ayush Chauhan, Managing Partner at Quicksand, reminds us to keep a keen eye on the future to create designs that stay relevant for the user needs of tomorrow.

To get started using this tool, click here: Tomorrow Headlines, Time Machine / Reverse Archaeology

Service storming and service blueprinting

By: Parmita Dalal from

Parmita Dalal, Design Lead at, introduces us to two new tools which help you map out a service early on, and then act out each part to ensure good service flow.

To get started using this tool, click here: Blueprint

Pitch tests

By: Rathi Mani-Kandt from 17 Triggers

Talk less, test more. UCD consultant Rathi Mani-Kandt shows us a way to find out quickly whether or not an idea works, using just paper and a pen.

To get started using this tool, click here: 17 Triggers

Design Game

By: Ronald Lewerissa from FLEX/design

We’ve all seen sticky notes being used for ideation. But have you seen a board game? Ronald Lewerissa, Creative Director at FLEX/design, shares a fun new way to ideate in a group.

To get started using this tool, click here: Design Game

Want more tools?

Here are a few go-to resources at your fingertips:

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